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Tree Services

Tree Pruning

There are several different methods for pruning trees depending on each unique situation.

Class I pruning is a very high quality type of pruning. It includes pruning to maintain the tree's health and structural integrity. It consists of aesthetic pruning, as well as removing dead, dying, diseased, and crossing limbs.

Hazard pruning is removal of dying branches over 2" in diameter, while

Cosmetic pruning is removal of particular limbs, elevation of the tree, or shaping and thinning.

Tree Removal
  • Storm Cleanup

  • Debris Hauling

  • Stump Grinding

Marion Tree Trimming will remove both large and small trees in a safe, organized manner. We have several methods including climbing, bucket, and crane removals. It is important that Home Owners take the time to check their trees. Sometimes a tree in decline can still be saved. Trees that are already dead become much more dangerous and costly to remove.


See what our customers are saying

John Sasina

"Thank you for a five star tree removal experience!"

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Other Services:
  • Maintenance & Fertilization
  • Lightning Protection
  • Root Pruning and barriers
  • Storm Cleanup and hauling
  • 24 hour Emergency Service
  • Thorough clean up, debris removal
  • Stump removal
  • Cabling & bracing



Remember, prevention and maintenance are a Home Owner's best defense.

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Bo Smith 

Just wanted to give BIG kudos to someone I just did business with. For the past 40+ years I have dealt with hundreds of people and companies for pretty much anything you can imagine. I must say probably in the top 3 Best ever that I've had the pleasure of dealing with from beginning to end...
MARION TREE TRIMMING of Ocala has taken the best care of our needs. Best price Best People Best Service. It doesn't get any better.
If you use Someone else You'll probably Pay too much And not get the best service.

Elizabeth Cannon

We were very pleased with the work and service from Marion Tree. Our trees look great and the clean-up exceeded expectations. The workers were very friendly and professional. I have already recommended Marion Tree to others and do so without hesitation.

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